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All Star Pro Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

"Thank you for the beautiful work you performed in my home. I had full carpet cleaning, upholstery and air ducts and returns. I can't believe how good my sofa looks after your work. I never thought the pet stains in the basement would come out, but now it's fresh and clean! I was very pleased with your service and professionalism."
  - E. E., Gainesville, GA


"Recently I hired All Star Pro to come to my place of business, a large private club and restaurant, to clean over 2000 square feet of carpeting and all air ducts and returns. I must say, I was very pleased with your work and flexibility. You came the morning of a holiday when the club was closed, so I didn't have to worry about disrupting business. Truly, thank you!"
  - S. E., Dunwoody, GA


All Star Pro Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

UPholstery Cleaning AtlantaAtlanta Upholstery Cleaning


Keeping all of the upholstery in your home fresh and clean is not always easy.  There are plenty of different ways they can become dirty and stained from pets, food and children. Most furniture requires a good thorough cleaning in order to remove stains, pet odors, and even built up dirt and grime. In order to ensure that your furniture lasts as long as possible, and stays looking its best, count on All Star Pro for professional upholstery cleaning!



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atlanta carpet cleaningUsing specialized methods, we are able to remove pet odors, stains and even the hardest grime from your upholstery quickly. We can restore the look of your furniture to the appearance it had when it was new. Why spend money on new furniture, when a deep thorough cleaning will provide the same result?


Pet odors can be one of the biggest problems that upholstery has, so it is very important to use special cleaning treatments in order to remove all of the stains and odors, rather than simply masking the odors with powders or sprays. If you have had pets for years, you no doubt realize that your upholstery has lingering smells that you simply cannot remove using traditional cleaning methods.


upholstery cleaningWorking with different types of upholstery it is extremely important to understand that not all upholstery should be cleaned the same way.  Proper cleaning methods should be followed to ensure that the upholstery is not damaged or destroyed in the cleaning process.  Our highly trained staff are all experts in upholstery cleaning and know the appropriate methods to use for any type of upholstery that you might have in your home.  Never take a gamble and leave the fate of your upholstery to an inexperienced company.


atlanta upholstery cleaningAllow our experience to help you to find a solution that is within your budget, and leaves you with the exceptionally clean upholstery that you desire.


No job is too small or too large; we take pride in servicing residential as well as commercial clients and provide a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.


Our Upholstery Cleaning Process:

Like your carpets, your upholstered furniture also benefits from professional cleaning.  Most of the time your professional carpet cleaner is also trained in cleaning upholstery and can provide the same level of service to your furniture as your floors.


couchUpholstery cleaning follows the same basic principles as carpet cleaning:  your cleaner will inspect the piece of furniture, pre-treat any tough spots and then clean and rinse the upholstery to make it seem like new again.


The biggest difference is that furniture coverings are often much more fragile than carpets and require a lighter touch.  Some furniture coverings such as cotton, grow stronger when they get wet while rayon gets much weaker.  Upholstery requires a milder cleaning solution and less water than carpets.  Smaller pieces of furniture are often taken outside for cleaning, to reduce the risk of overspray reaching the carpets.  In fact, whenever possible, your cleaner will clean your furniture before cleaning your carpets.


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